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Looking for an HR change agent capable of remodelling your business around the Talent Eco-System. Look no further.

With our network of HR, Organisational Psychology and L&D specialists we can tailor a program specific to your business

Immersive Inclusion

Seeking a new way of educating staff on diversity, inclusion and bias in the workplace?

Contact us now to discuss "7 Seconds", a dramatic podcast and workshop experience

Leaders in HR Analytics

Seeking a way to make use of the mountain of data you hold on staff? Wishing you could better understand what's driving the performance of your business but faced with too many disconnected systems?

Give us a call - we may just have the solution you are looking for.

What We Know & Can Do

Our HR Consulting Services

  • Performance management and appraisal systems 
  • Talent management and succession planning 
  • Culture and engagement, including values, diversity & inclusion, retention and reward
  • Leadership and capability development 
  • Organizational design and change management 
  • Policies and procedures
  • Employee relations and industrial relations 
  • Executive and functional coaching 
  • Assessment processes for hiring and development 
  • HR metrics and analytics 
  • Cross cultural effectiveness and globally literate leadership​​
  • Strategic HR management

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How We Make Your Business Great

Access Untapped Potential

Focusing on the Talent Eco-system, we can assist you to grow a profitable and sustainable business. Through the right culture, communication, leadership tone, effective people management processes and organisation design, your business can become a great place to work and win in the market, regardless of its size.  

Sustainable Talent Eco-systems

Releasing the potential within a business is a unique proposition for each organisation.  

By understand your business, designing interventions that elevate performance sustainably, we enable you to positively impact your business. 

Using comprehensive change management approaches we simultaneously improve all aspects of the Talent Eco-system.

Over 20 Years of Know-how

With extensive multi-national experience in strategic HR management and HR consulting, we have the insights and knowledge to bring employers of all sizes, solutions tailored to their business.  

KineticHR is here to support your business to be a great place to work.

What's Important to US

People Matter

At the core of every organisation stand its people. Without people there is no organisation. Creating a workplace for success and sustainability is paramount to business performance. 


There are no hidden costs or agenda, we agree upfront and deliver what we promise. We make full disclosure of competing interests, past & present. We acknowledge the dynamism of business and expect nothing more than timely candor. And, we expect the same of our clients - full discloure, the facts and figures, access to the team.  

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity of thought and individual is critical. The willingness to accept and embrace difference is essential. People of all backgrounds and experiences deserve to achieve their potential and enjoy an environment that facilitates their success.  


We stand behind our product, we maintain the confidentiality of our relationships, we ensure we do it the right way, every time. 


Building your capability is paramount, creating enduring relationships that add-value and drive business performance over the longer term is everything. 


Your success ensures our success; respect is essential; fulfilling commitments is critical. 

Our Assessments

Psychometric tests offer one of the best methods for predicting job performance, yet are more powerful when combined with other tests or interviews. In themselves they provide an objective and fair method of looking at employees, leaders and candidates. Psychometric tools can be applied in hiring and promotion decisions, coaching and development conversations, team building and organisational change, where they serve to provide: 

  • An objective foundation in decision making
  • An unbiased platform for discussing individual and interpersonal effectiveness
  • Context and vocabulary for developing enhanced teamwork and organisational performance
  • Self awareness and insight to assist Improved staff performance, morale and retention

At KineticHR we have access to a variety of tools to assist in the assessment and coaching of talent. Depending on the context, seniority of the subject and the purpose, we may recommend one tool in preference to another, or we may engage the services of one of our skilled Organisational Psychologists.

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